Citizen journalism workshop

While there will always be a place for the work of professional journalists the internet and easy access to affordable devices has opened up the recording of news and events to ordinary citizens. Indeed it is sometimes ordinary citizen activists, at the centre of significant events during rallies and sit-ins, are often in the best position to capture the action and take shots recording key moments.

Nowadays, citizens can create images and video of live protest action with digital cameras or smartphones, interview activists with digital recording devices or produce narrative accounts of public events in blogs. All of this is easy, but there is still an art to it. And although citizen journalists may not aspire to be professionals, they can still improve their craft by listening and talking to others. That is the intention of our Citizen Journalism workshop planned for Saturday 7th of September.

Our Citizen Journalism workshop is being offered as part of the Festival of Adult Learning and will be held in Toi Pōneke Arts Centre from 10.00 am till 4.15 pm on Saturday 7th of September. Topics will include blogging and social media, street photography, and community radio and podcasting. You can choose to book into one session or all three. There will be no charge for the workshop but you will be invited to join the Wellington Workers’ Educational Association and /or make a donation.

Please help us promote the event by downloading a poster for your workplace.

Photo by John Darroch (Citizen Journalist).