Liberalism and socialism

Wednesday 21st of October 2020 from 6.00PM till 7.30PM in the downstairs meeting room of the Thistle Hall, on the corner of Cuba & Arthur Streets, Te Aro, Wellington. Please enter by the the grey door on Arthur Street marked Hall Entrance.

As Aotearoa engages in yet another bout of liberal democratic electioneering we thought it might be interesting to reflect on the similarities and differences in perspective between liberalism and socialism.

This reading group session will be led by Ben Peterson and is designed to include discussion of the following three short readings on liberalism and socialism.

Frase, P. (July, 2017). What it means to be on the Left. Jacobin

Averbeck, R.M. (July, 2014). Why I’m not a Liberal. Jacobin.

Camejo, P. (June, 1970). Liberalism, ultraleftism and mass action (abridged). The Militant.

Required readings

The readings, and question to consider for each, can all be accessed at the following link: Liberalism and socialism readings

Photo by Andras Kovacs on Unsplash