LRRG: Crisis in the University


Tuesday 24th of October 2023 from 5:30PM till 7:00PM in the Ernie Abbott room (bottom floor) of the Wellington Trades Hall (124 Vivian Street).


Our October session convened by Jackson from the Wellington Socialist Society saw a lively discussion on organic intellectuals, their role, and the crisis’ in the Universities across Aotearoa and the world. As many of those present were students, with a number also staff at a variety of tertiary institutions, the group discussed the variety of cuts facing the sector. The following texts are the readings that were required for the session.

(1). Antonio Gramsci, ‘The Formation of Intellectuals’ in Selections from the Prison Notebooks. Translated and Edited by Q. Hoare and G. N. Smith. (New York: International Publishers) pp. 3-23
Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci (

(2). Neil Valllely, ‘The Fictitious University’ Counterfutures Vol. 14 pp. 10-18

(3). Steve Fraser, ‘How American Universities Turned Red’ Jacobin, June 14, 2023

(4). How American Universities Turned Red (

All readings can be found here:


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