LRRG Relaunch: Socialism versus Liberalism

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Wednesday 20th of September 2023 from 5:30PM till 7:00PM in the Ernie Abbott room (bottom floor) of the Wellington Trades Hall (124 Vivian Street).


Kia ora and a warm invitation to the relaunch of the Little Red Reading Group (LRRG). This project of the Wellington Workers Educational Association was ran from 2019 to 2021 as a successful foray into socialist theory and discussion.

Many local socialists found this as a useful forum to discuss their ideas and refine understandings of radical politics. This ranged from topics on Marxism to Anarchism, police brutality to the building of mass movements.

It is for this reason that the WWEA and the Wellington Socialist Society have decided to relaunch this project.

The LRRG will aim to host a meeting once per month where we discuss selected readings by an agreed upon convenor for that month.

For our first meeting, we will have Ben Peterson discuss Socialism versus Liberalism. This was a topic done by him within the LRRG in 2020, and we felt it an appropriate way to relaunch the project.

Below is quoted the original event description:

“As Aotearoa engages in yet another bout of liberal democratic electioneering we thought it might be interesting to reflect on the similarities and differences in perspective between liberalism and socialism.

This reading group session will be led by Ben Peterson and is designed to include discussion of the following three short readings on liberalism and socialism.

Frase, P. (July, 2017). What it means to be on the Left. Jacobin

Averbeck, R.M. (July, 2014). Why I’m not a Liberal. Jacobin.

Camejo, P. (June, 1970). Liberalism, ultraleftism and mass action (abridged). The Militant.

Required readings

The readings, and question to consider for each, can all be accessed at the following link: Liberalism and socialism readings


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